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We believe the security of your home or business should be unique...

That's why we customize your security system according to your need and requirements.

A member of our team will visit you at your home or business, and offer our expertise to design the proper equipment for you.

Rest assure we have the latest technology, and the best price in the market.

Why? Because we are a small family business, not a big corporation.

Our costs are focused in quality, not advertisement.

Yes, we keep it Small and Clean.

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Analog High Definition Cameras

Our Analog High Definition 2 Megapixel Cameras provide a resolution of 1080p that is equivalent to Blu-ray quality. If you are looking for economical HD security cameras, then 2MP surveillance cameras are a good starting point.

We recently presented our 5MP Analog High Definition Cameras, providing an incredible resolution of 2560 X 1920p and Auto-Focus.


Analog Cameras are connected via Coax cable. This is the most stable connection for a CCTV system,

and our preferred for home applications.


Our Dome Cameras are vandal-proof, metallic, weatherproof and feature the blazing-fast Sony Chipset processor with Wide Dynamic Range for an outstanding performance under different light conditions. IR Night Vision up to 100 ft.


Our Bullet cameras present a Long Range night vision up to 165 ft., and also feature a Sony Chipset processor and White Dynamic Range.

Most of the cameras in the market are provided with a plastic lens cover. Texas extreme weather makes plastic loose transparency after a year or two. All our cameras have 9H Hardness, Scratch Resistant, 99% Transparency, High Definition Crystal Glass Lens Covers.

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Digital IP Cameras

Unlike the analog CCTV camera, with an IP camera the camera transmits the video signal in a digital format to a device called a network video recorder or NVR. The camera is a network device which means it has an IP address assigned to it.  It transmits its signal using an Ethernet category five wire; this is standard computer network cabling. With this method there is two way data communication.


These cameras offer up to 16MP resolution, resulting in an amazing 4920 x 3264 p, but require lots of bandwidth. 


We specially recommend IP Systems for commercial applications.


When comparing the Analog System to the Digital System both process their information at a centralized location


Whether it’s the digital video recorder or the network video recorder both systems have a Central video management software package installed


This manages things like video recording, alarm inputs or alarm conditions and then the storage of the images.

Our IP Systems are also compatible with different Cloud Storage Services.

DVR/NVR Systems


Get the best surveillance system with the highest rated professionals in the Metroplex.


Either if you are a homeowner or a business owner, we will work hard with you to design the

perfect system that fits your needs, have them professionally installed, and make

sure it's recording for you at all time.

All our systems are High Definition, Real Time Recording and Remotely Accessible from any mobile device, PC, Laptop or Mac.

Please give us a call, or fill our Contact Form. Yes, We provide free estimates!

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