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How a “Color Night Vision” Camera Works?

Thanks to the powerful image sensors of Color Night Vision Cameras which are highly sensitive to light and allow the sensors to absorb much more visible light. So, the Color Night Vision Cameras can remain capturing color images or videos in low-lit locations, while the regular cameras would automatically shift to black and white mode when lighting conditions drop at night. For Color Night Vision cameras, ambient light is required to produce color images and videos at night.


Factors to count while choosing “Color Night Vision” Cameras

  • Resolution: A Color Night Vision Camera provides better image quality, and more visible details than regular Infra-red night vision

  • IR range: It indicates how far the color night vision security cameras can see in ambient lighting. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to choose long-range color night vision security camera systems to see further, meaning you will have a better shot to capture the suspects or objects at a distance.

  • 3D Digital Noise Reduction: Our Cameras feature Noise Reduction Technology to minimize image noise  in both static and moving images, allowing you to get clearer images and more accurate details.

  • Wide Dynamic Range: Color Night Vision Cameras with WDR (wide dynamic range) technology can balance light for improved images and videos. WDR Cameras are ideal for high-contrast lighting locations (i.e. shade/sun view)

  • IR Cut Filter: Infra-red cut filter is a Polarized mechanical lens designed to ensure Color Night Vision Cameras provide true color reproduction so that you can obtain high-quality images and videos day and night.

  • Field of View: The larger the field of view is the wider areas your outdoor wireless color night vision security camera can cover. 98° is considered the maximum field of view without producing distortion of the image. Viewing angles over 100° will show objects and persons completely out-of-shape

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